The Last week in Bayambang Philippines

In the last week or the fourth week of this activity we are working on a report to report to SEAMEO and report to Pangasinan State University as a daily report (Daily Activity) and make a video to thank the PSU. In addition we evaluate with teachers and principals. Monday, August 28th 2017 we all vacation to Bagiou City, there very beautiful scenery with cold air, do not forget also we buy a typical souvenir from Bagiou city that is strawberry after about four hours we spent for the road journey continued to SM market which is center of the mall in the area of ​​Bagiou city and finally we returned to Bayambang at 08.30 pm and until 10.30 pm. Tuesday, August 29th 2017 we attended a workshop held at the PSU LIS-Elementary Department, this workshop discusses how appropriate strategies are used in low-grade teaching and high-class teaching strategies, workshops from 01:00 pm to 08.00 pm this workshop combined with a farewell event with teachers and principals. Wednesday, August 30th 2017 …

Third Week in PSU Bayambang Philippines

Third week of his schedule to teach I got a teaching part in Grade 3. The subjects I taught on Tuesday 22th august 2017 were his Science theme about "How Do You Classify Materials Around You" I taught for 1 hour 10 minutes using the lesson plan format from Indonesia as well as on Wednesday I 23th August 2017 I teach Grade 3 subjects English material that I teach about common nouns and proper nouns, I am grateful that students in grade 3 can quickly understand the material about common nouns and proper nouns. for Thursday 24th August 2017 with lesson plan format from PSU I taught Mathematics about ordinal numbers on that day which judged me at the time of teaching was supervising teacher Ma'am Lilibeth L. Mateo and Principal PSU LIS-Elementary Dept. Mike, later in the afternoon after teaching evaluation and advising, constructive criticism for better teaching and better time management. the last day of Friday 25th August 2017 I taught Science material about…